Sunday, June 14, 2009

Max's Social Life

In the past few weeks we watched Cosmo and Koda for some friends and Max had a great time.

First we watched Cosmo. Within 10 minutes of her arriving, she and Max had identified one toy that they both wanted and decided they would chase each other around and constantly steal it from each other. The Dude and I are peace loving folks so we went out and bought another one so that Max and Cosmo could each be happy. Unfortunately the one we bought was bigger so that became the new prize. After a while The Dude finally found a compromise that made both dogs happy.

This past week we watched Koda. She's a sweet girl who just wants you to sit and pet her, but every time we tried to do that Max snuck underneath our arms wanting his own attention. Once again The Dude came to the rescue and found a way to keep everyone calm. Good thing I have him!


Heather said...

too cute! i heart doggies!

Jennifer said...

Koda had such a good time, thanks for watching her for us! We'll have to get them together again. I'm surprised that Koda wasn't laying along the other side of The Dude's leg so she could get a belly rub too!