Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lovely Libraries

I have always loved libraries; as soon as I walk inside the outside world just falls away and I can dive into whatever story I like. Best yet are libraries that have not only a great book selection but also some private nooks with comfy chairs. It was no wonder that Belle fell in love with the Beast after he showed her his beautiful library.

Growing up I had the choice of two libraries. The larger county library in Exton had more books, but it was further away so I didn't go as often. The small local library was housed in a beautiful historic building in downtown West Chester. It was there that I entered the summer reading contest every year and got stamps, to be used for prizes, for every book I read. The West Chester library is still there and look how gorgeous it is...isn't this be a great place for a young girl turn frogs to princes, put on plays with the March girls and solve mysteries with Nancy Drew?

The West Chester library a long time ago, when it was still a house.

The West Chester public library today

I came across this article today showing off some of the most beautiful libraries in the world. Even if you're not a bookworm like me, these buildings are pretty amazing.

The Hague, Netherlands

Coimbre, Portugal

Don't feel like going overseas to check out the latest Harry Potter? There are some beautiful libraries here in the states.

Boston Copley Public Library

George Peabody Library, Baltimore

If you're worried about people stealing your books, there's always this option used to prevent theft of rare books.

Hereford Cathedral Library, England

Sometimes spending time in a smaller library can be nice, don't you think?


Erin said...

that's a lovely sign you have at your library ;)

Heather said...

i love the portugal one!