Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Merry Christmas! (if you have the right paperwork)

I was greatly disturbed to read this article that Salvation Army will only be giving out toys to children whose parents can prove their legal immigration status. I understand that immigration is an extremely controversial topic, but it saddens me to see it taken to this extreme. Most of the kids who will not be getting toys won't understand that it's because of their parents' situation; they will just be disappointed that Santa didn't come to their house. Santa travels around the whole world, not just the USA. Shame on you, Salvation Army.

Salvation Army requires proof of immigration status before giving children toys

Edited to add: The Dude and I just had a debate over this and he pointed out that whether or not I agree with it, it is within the Salvation Army's right to choose who they help. That is absolutely true. All the more reason to find out about the goals/morals/rules of a charity before you give them your money. For some people, this may meaning adding Salvation Army to the list. For me, it means removing them.

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Becca said...

Hm, looks like I'm going stop sliding money into their containers when I pass them at the grocery store..