Tuesday, December 15, 2009

In Which I Can Finally Prove I Am Right

Although I like to believe that I'm always right, I rarely have hard facts to back it up. But today the Freakonomics blog (one of my favorites!) linked to an article in The New Scientist comparing dogs to cats. The pets were evaluated quantitatively in eleven categories and dogs came out on top, 6-5! Of course this was no surprise to me...I've always loved dogs since I convinced my mom to let me bring one home when I was five years old.

Dog lovers rejoice!

(A picture of my parents' dog Duke, because I figure you're tired of pictures of Max)


Jennifer said...

Awww Duke has similar coloring to Koda. Dogs rule! BTW, I'm not tired of pictures of Max!

Heather said...

hi duke! is that recent? i didnt know PA had so much snow! i heart doggies!