Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Best Christmas Special Ever: TONIGHT!

Sorry for the late notice but I just found out that THE BEST CHRISTMAS SPECIAL EVER is airing tonight! That's right, "A Charlie Brown Christmas" airs tonight at 7:00 Central (8 Eastern). Get ready!

I don't remember when Charlie Brown became my favorite Christmas special. I couldn't tell you why it's my favorite. It could be the excellent music, the humor, the dancing, or the chill I get every year when Linus tells the Christmas story (whenever I hear the King James Bible version of it I hear it with Linus' lisp). The show is somewhat religious, which I am not, but I think the show does a great job of getting across what Christmas is all about: inclusion, acceptance, generosity, and love for each other. Oh, and a lot of dancing.

(Linus tells the Christmas story)

I wanted to gather all my Charlie Brown Christmas paraphernalia for you and take a picture, but after two attempts I realized again I had forgotten something and decided it was good enough. So friends and family, if I left out something you gave me, please don't be offended. This time of year it's spread out all over the house!

(In the picture: 5 books, 5 ornaments, the Charlie Brown Christmas game, a skating pond where the characters skate while a song plays, the DVD, and two stuffed animals. Not in the picture: the soundtrack CD, numerous Christmas cards, and whatever else I forgot)

Something about the special just gets to me. I watch the whole thing with a dopey grin on my face. I dance along with the characters. The Dude even let me have the DJ play "Linus and Lucy" (the Peanuts theme song) as the recessional at our wedding. Don't worry, I danced then too.

After I watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas," it officially feels like a special time of year. I hope all of you have a tradition that makes you as warm and fuzzy inside as this makes me! Because, as Linus knows, "That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown."


Audrey said...

For me it's the Muppet Christmas Carol movie. Also, making fudge, although it's not quite the same without being at my mom's house with like 10 people and everyone is complaining about having to make fudge... The good ol' days.

ACQ said...

The Dude has complained about making fudge too! I never had to help but I definitely enjoyed the fruits of your labor.

Jennifer said...

It's schedule to record on TiVo since they announced it! Unfortunately I thought it was coming on LAST Tuesday so I was not a happy camper last Tues!!! I thought TiVo had screwed up. I'm not sure if they switched weeks or I just misunderstood but I was so disappointed. TONIGHT!

I have a bunch of Peanuts ornaments too! My favorite now is the NASA 50th anniversary one with snoopy. Or... well, I like them all for different reasons :).

Jennifer said...

Oh by the way I am TiVoing Prep Landing too :).

Heather said...

you are so cute! my "thing" is baking - i love baking at the holidays, and it has officially started this week!!

Erin said...

you forgot the AWESOME LENOX PEANUTS CANAPE plate that your BFF Erin gave you. but i forgive you ;)