Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is it football season yet?

When I first read this article, I thought how great it would be to have something like this while I was tooling around tailgates outside of Beaver Stadium. (Note: I don't understand how someone smart enough to build his own motorized bar stool can also be dumb enough to drink 15 beers and then try to drive home on said bar stool. I do not condone drinking and driving no matter how novel the vehicle.)

Once I got started thinking about tailgating it made me really miss fall in Happy Valley. Tailgating in State College has been raised to an art form and there's nowhere I'd rather be on a Saturday. I dream of someday owning an RV and going up there for every home game. While I have never seen someone on a motorized bar stool at a tailgate, I have seen just about everything else. Brent and I used to think a hand crank blender was a pretty amazing camping accessory, until we saw someone with this baby at a tailgate.

Of course, a tailgate can be much simpler (and most are). All you really need is plenty of beer, a hoagie, and lots of people to hang out with. Did you tailgate in college? How about at a pro game?


Heather said...

i heart penn state tailgating!

Erin said...

i miss tailgating!!!