Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hello readers! (all 2 of you)

I'm not one to let a good looking bandwagon pass me by so I'm starting a blog! Once Erin came up with a fabulous title I knew I had to try to write something good enough to live up to it.

Reading is something I do a lot; always have. Today I was early to meet Max and his chauffeur at the vet so I walked down the strip mall to a small local bookstore I had noticed before. 15 minutes later I walked out with two books. Woops. At least I'm supporting local businesses, right?

I'm currently reading The Memoirs of Cleopatra by Margaret George. I still have about a quarter of it left but it's safe to say I've definitely enjoyed it. The book is a novel heavily based on real information so I'm looking forward to finding out what was true and what wasn't when I'm actually done. I'm really hoping that I'll finally get to go camping at the end of April and get some quality time reading, playing with Max, and making Jiffy Pop.

I will finish this off with a gratuitous picture of Max. He weighed 32 pounds at the vet today!


Anonymous said...

That pictures old!

Jennifer said...

Whooohooo! So am I reader #2?

nujoud said...

Wait I thought I was reader #2?

Mom said...

I'm thrilled to be reader #1 (sorry to be late in responding... being #1 isn't easy), but maybe your counting skills are suffering with all that reading. Looks like you have 4 readers.
Can't wait to see your library and borrow a book or two ;)

Jess said...

Aww...Can't wait to meet Max one day...hopefully before he's not so much a puppy anymore! Thanks for giving me something much more interesting, entertaining, and "productive" to do on the internet :)

John said...

That was definitely NOT a 32lb Max in that photograph. If it were, it'd be covered in water /, that dog sure does drink alot of water. He scratches and bites well too!!!