Wednesday, February 23, 2011

When You're Not Looking

I think most of us, at one time or another, wondered if our toys came to life when we left the room. It's a premise which has been covered in The Velveteen Rabbit, Toy Story, and many more books and movies. I know I always wondered about it. One thing I never wondered about, though, is what my books do when I leave the room. Apparently they are quite busy!


nujoud said...

Gotta say, never considered organizing my books by color, but I like it.

Becca said...

Ok, so I have several friends who arrange their bookshelves with colors to very pretty effect. It would make me neurotic, my shelves are arranged with a particular mental order that makes sense to me, with groupings by author, genre (my own genre breakout, not what you'd find in book stores), children's books on bottom shelves, embarrassing brain candy books on out of the way shelves, books I'd like to engage visitors in conversations about at eye level shelves... I've been organizing and reorganizing my bookshelves since I was a little kid, and colors would just make them be so RANDOM!

ACQ said...

I have seen lots of gorgeous photos of books organized by color, but I agree with Becca that I could never do that for my own books. I like being able to find what I'm looking for! Mine are sorted into fiction, children's, non-fiction, and biography and alphabetized.