Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Now is the Season for Action

As you probably know, Obama gave a speech tonight about health care. My feelings are plain.

Everyone in the United States should have access to comprehensive health care coverage, regardless of their income or employment. Period.

Granted, that is a lot easier said than done. How do you define "comprehensive"? How do you pay for health care who can't afford it for themselves? These are tough questions but that does not mean we shouldn't try. It doesn't mean partisan bickering should interfere with a health care bill being passed.

Please take the time to contact your Congressional representatives and tell them this issue is important to you. If they're Democrats, tell them to reach across the aisle if that's what it takes. If they're Republicans, tell them that flat out not negotiating because of a public option is not acceptable. They need to be willing to sit down and work hard to make this happen and if political grandstanding continues that will never happen.

This issue affects every single American. Regardless of how you think we should fix it, you have to know our health care system needs fixing. Let's let Congress know they need to get to work.

Find out how to contact your Representative here.

Find out how to contact your Senator here.

Tell President Obama what you think here.

*title of this post taken from Obama's address


Heather said...

i have a hard time deciding how i feel about this issue. on one hand, i completely agree with you. on the other, i dont think its fair for people like you and me, who work hard to earn our livings, to have to pay for health care for people who don't even try to get jobs and just feed off the system. or for illegal immigrants. there has to be a happy medium right?

ACQ said...

That's a valid point Heather. To some extent we're already paying for those people because we do offer emergency care to anyone who walks in. So for the people who aren't trying to get jobs, we could probably save some money if they could get preventive care, not just acute care. Frankly I don't think the illegal immigrant problem will be solved via health care; that's it's own issue which doesn't seem to be a priority right now. I can see why this is a contentious topic in Congress!

Marcia said...

Think insurance.
We already have mandatory auto insurance. The government doesn't pay for it.
This is mandatory health insurance. Companies will pay like they do now. We will still have copays. Folks in small companies that don't have to offer insurance will get their own insurance because it will be mandatory. If they don't make quite enough money, there will be a public option where they will get some help. Yes, we'll pay for that, but when we are more fortunate than others, don't we have a responsibility to help?