Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Carrot Contingent

I tend to blog a lot about Max but he is just one inhabitant of the small petting zoo in my home. This weekend The Dude and I gave the rabbits some grooming and I took the opportunity to catch these furry snoutalicious photos.

I really wanted to get a close up of Littlefoot's nose wiggle but this was the best I could do. He's not a big fan of getting a manicure from us; he doesn't think it's manly enough.

Silver doesn't mind spa day nearly as much. He lays back and enjoys the good life.

Naturally, he wasn't too pleased that I was going to put his photo on the interwebs while his hair was all wet so I promised to put up this other one after his blowout.

Of course Max saw that the rabbits were out and thought that meant it was party time, so he pretty much glued himself to us and this is what we saw all afternoon.


Heather said...

those pics are great!!! such a cute little slew of animals you've got there!

Allison said...

TOO cute!!!! :)

ps- you and I share a flamingo obsession. We should talk!