Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Think I'll Take A Little Nap

Confession: I love naps. Is there anything more relaxing and decadent than saying "The sun is high in the sky and people are bustling about, but I'm a bit yawny so I'm just going to snuggle down and close my eyes"? Despite my feelings for naps it's pretty rare that I actually take one, which is why I was so surprised to read the statistics in this article.

Do you like naps or do they make it hard for you to sleep that night? There's definitely a fine line between a refreshing nap and a sleep disrupting one.


Heather said...

i heart naps. unfortunately i don't take them very often anymore bc i'm afraid i won't be able to sleep at night. but i love them when i get the chance for them! and i remember in college we would always nap on fridays before we went out haha. also, i love how you filed this post under sloths!!

ACQ said...

Haha I wondered if anyone would pick up on that!