Sunday, July 5, 2009

All American Cupcakes

The Dude and I spent our 4th of July weekend eating, shopping, and hanging out in the all American weekend if there ever was one! When we went over to Josh and Lisa's house to hang out in their beautiful pool I wanted to make something 4th of July themed. I was originally thinking of salad but where to get the blue? The answer was obvious: blueberries. So I dropped the salad idea and made cupcakes instead! I can't take credit for the recipe myself; I found it on one of my favorite recipe websites, You can browse by course, main ingredient, or whatever else you need!

If you decide to make the icing for these cupcakes you will need maple sugar. I wasn't able to find it at the grocery store but a quick google search revealed that you can make your own using 2 parts light brown sugar to one part maple syrup, and then reduce another liquid in the recipe accordingly. The icing turned out great so clearly it works!

Also, there's a choice between buttermilk and low fat yogurt. I went with the yogurt to make things marginally more healthy and I think the cupcakes were still rich and moist.

Here's the recipe if you want to try it and a few pictures of the finished product. Delicious!

Did you cook anything fun for the fourth?

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Heather said...

your cupcakes look great! i was lazy and did not make anything fourth-ish :D