Monday, April 13, 2009

Space Station Colbert

NASA recently held a contest to name Node 3, a lab/living area on the International Space Station. Stephen Colbert, always one to jump on publicity for a) himself and b) NASA urged his Colbert Nation to vote to name Node 3 "Colbert." His name won by a landslide but a lot of people (myself included) doubt that NASA will actually name the Node 3 and will instead go with their pick "Serenity." However, there's a rumor floating around that they may name the new waste and hygiene compartment aka toilet after Colbert. Either way we'll find out tomorrow night! More information here. Personally I think NASA needs all the publicity it can get with the general non-science dork public so either way this is a win!

*Note: my parents were here this past week and once I get my pictures uploaded I will share!

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Erin said...

I set Colbert up to record tonight, they're supposed to announce it on his show - Suni Williams is gonna be on! I'm excited!