Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mom and Dad Visit Texas

My parents were here most of last week. Since they have been to Houston a number of times before we have done a lot of the typical tourist stuff so it was nice to have some time to just relax. They both were excited to see our new house and meet Max. He enjoyed having attention all day long! Mom and Dad did get to try crawfish for the first time at Boondoggles and they seemed to enjoy it. On Sunday Mom and I made a fruit basket and all four of us went to Erin's house for Easter brunch. It was quite a feast and featured bunny and chick cake pops! Any event where I wear bunny ears and eat cake on a stick is a success in my book. Erin posted some great pictures so go check them out.

Dad and the dude did a bunch of things around the house that I really appreciated. Dad assembled the compost bin we had ordered a while ago so now we have a place for all our vegetable scraps!

And once the box was empty, they decided to put Max in it and see what he would do. He mostly just sat there wondering what we all thought was so funny.

The best thing they did for the house (in my opinion) was installing a dog door for Max. Now he can go outside to pee, poo, or run around in circles like a maniac without me having to get off the couch. He seems to like it because he can eat beetles off the porch without leaving the comfort of air conditioning.


Heather said...

max is so cute!! just make sure nothing comes back in the doggie door ;)

Erin said...

yay compost bin! srsly Max, stop being so cute ;)