Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Up, Up and Away!

When the movie Up came out a few years ago, I loved the whimsical idea of filling your home with bright balloons and floating off on new adventures. It turns out I wasn't the only one who was captivated by this idea. Some of the brilliant guys at National Geographic decided to give it a try and they succeeded!

One of the things I found the most incredible about this was the size of each individual balloon. Although they were painted (covered?) to look like regular latex balloons, they were actually weather balloons which were each as tall as a person. I think taking the time to make the real house look as cheerful as the movie one made it even cooler!

Seeing this made me wonder what other movie scenes I would like to see in real life. I think a lot of the buildings and sets in Monsters Inc would be adorable! Any other suggestions?


Nadia said...

Hi there! Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Stylish Blogger award! :) http://modestimages.blogspot.com/2011/03/blogger-award.html

Jenna said...

I am absolutely in love with this video. It's like watching a fairy tale come to life!