Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello My Deer!

My friends come from all over the United States and most of us believe that our state is the best. If we want some data to back it up, this link should be shows something that each state is the best at. No surprise that Pennsylvania wins for most deer collisions, but would you have guessed that Colorado is #1 for beer production? Expect lots of new residents next year, Colorado!

Some other highlights: My engineer friends may want to consider a move to Delaware, since they have the greatest percentage of PhD level scientists and engineers. Illinois has the highest rate of gang, thanks, Chicago. If you have a lead foot, avoid Massachusetts since that state has the highest level of speeding tickets. Nevada is a triple winner with the lead in teen pregnancies, foreclosures, and meth use. Way to go Nevada! I would never have guessed that Ohio ranks first in swiss cheese production.

Check it out!

What's your state the best at?


saroy said...

Sweet potatoes! Woot! This may explain why I like sweet potatoes so much.

nujoud said...

Check your deity at the border, apparently we Washatonians aren't religious.

Erin said...

I think Pennsylvania's should be best potato chips! And obviously best beer, but that's a given ;)

Jen @ New Shade of Green said...

Colorado is the best!! I can vouch for MA, I've paid my fair share of speeding tickets there... I was quite a lead foot back in the day.