Monday, May 31, 2010

Welcome Home Layla!

About a month ago, the Dude noticed an ad online for a 15 month old Lab/shepherd mix who needed a good home. We gamely resisted for a few weeks and then the ad disappeared, so we assumed she'd been adopted. When the ad popped up again last week, we couldn't resist any longer and asked for pictures. 4 days later, Layla came home with us.

Who could resist this goofy face?

Layla is only 15 months old but she is a big girl weighing 80 pounds! The Dude summed up her personality perfectly as "that girl who is 6 feet tall in eighth grade." She hasn't quite grown into her body yet so she can be a little ungainly at times, but she and Max are having lots of fun running around! She came home Saturday morning, which worked out well because it gave us three full days at home for her to learn our routines and for us to adjust to being a two dog family.

Layla is a sweet girl who tries to lick your face when you pet her. Her hobbies include swimming in the kiddie pool, eating ice cubes, fighting with Max for toys, and sleeping. This dovetails in well with Max's hobbies, which include thinking about getting into the kiddie pool, eating ice cubes, fighting with Layla for toys, and sleeping.

We're so glad to have you here Layla! I hope all of you enjoyed your holiday weekend as much as we did!


Mom said...

Welcome to your new big baby! The video and photos give a good sense of what a big girl she is.
I look forward to meeting her. In the mean time give her a good scratch behind the ears from me!

Us said...

awww! She's SO cute! Congrats on the newest addition to your family :) I am sure Copper would love playing with both of them!

Jennifer @ New Shade of Green said...

How cute! So glad Max has a playmate. Looks like they're having a great time :).