Monday, April 12, 2010

A Kid in a Candy Shop

For the past week I've been working nights on console supporting the current shuttle mission. The good news is that it's been going well, so I haven't been too busy on console. The bad news is that I have had more free time than I usually want at 3 am. As a result I was browsing through some blogs last night and stumbled upon Everyday Reading. By the end of the shift, I had this list of books to read.

Library here I come!*

*once I'm awake during business hours, of course.


Audrey said...

Dealing with Dragons (and that whole series) is great, The Giver is good, and the rest I will have to add to my list! That blog is a great find.

ACQ said...

Audrey I was thinking of you as I ready it because she recommends a lot of young adult fiction that I've heard you talk about!

nujoud said...

yea, this list will take you like a week to finish. Keep making lists while you are working these 3am shifts.