Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Moderately Extreme Makover: Library Edition

Although having my own library is one of my favorite parts of our house, in recent months it has become a bit chaotic and filled with piles of wedding stuff, books to shelf, and papers to put away. In addition, the ancient chair I had was comfy but just not right for reading. All that made sitting in there to read extremely distracting and I was more likely to just read on the couch and get annoyed when I was interrupted.

Recently I saw a daybed/sofa I loved at World Market (where else?). I knew it would be perfect for the library but couldn't justify buying it when the room was messy and I rarely sat there. But a few weeks ago the Dude got new furniture for the man cave and ended up needing to clean out his closet. When I saw it filled with neatly stacked clear containers my type-A, OCD, neat freak side finally overcame my avoidance tendencies and I knew what I had to do. Less than a week later, the clutter is gone and the library makeover is complete!

Unfortunately for you there are no before pictures so you can just use your imagination. Quite appropriate for a room I use to read, don't you think?

The beautifully neat (and way less full) closet.

Note the cleaned off desk and lack of piles on the floor.

And now for the best part...the daybed! I got some bright pillows to lighten up the room and a pretty basket to hold all the books I am waiting to read. The sides of the daybed can either be up (as shown here) or down (for stretching out legs or nap time). The wreath above it was a Christmas present from my friend Heather. It's actually made out of pages from my favorite books! Before you get concerned that she tore up books, don't worry...she printed them onto vellum. How great it is that gift??

In this picture you can see the view as you walk in and see the side of the daybed folded down.

It's so exciting when a room really comes together! I can't wait to spend a long time holed up in the library with a great read.


Heather said...

first of all, that closet is huge!!! but everything looks great, and i love the wreath above the new couch! love love love it all!

saroy said...

Looks great! I have come close to buying that same World Market daybed myself. This makes me really want to finish up our bonus room/library.

Jennifer said...

I love how your library turned out! Love the idea of a daybed and all your shelves! It turned out great. I want to come and look at all your books.